The important reason towards innovation is

developing and choosing the best products for customers and the environment.


Maxflex is an approved and verified rubber insulator standard

emphasizes on efficient usage and its non-combustibility.

about us


Step by step of success with goals and determination towards becoming a leading company within the industry.

Vandapac Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 by Mr. Vattana Tangitvet, headquartered in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Chonburi Province with more than 2,000 employees. We manufacture and distribute both domestically and abroad which consists of 3 business lines including Plastic Packaging business under the brand "Vandapac", Automotive Accessories business under the brand "MaxLiner" and Insulation Rubber business under brand "Maxflex".

The first step of the company, we have partnered to continually develop with leading food and beverage companies to upgrade from obsolete Thai packaging to modernize packaging that has made Vandapac become one of the leading packaging manufacturers trusted by both domestic and international clients. We produce and apply good production processes and modern technology with a unique design by experts to ensure that our packaging meets international quality standards to accurately meet customer’s needs. We are the pioneers of BIO CUP because our products are environmentally friendly, widely accepted, and used.

Vandapac’s pace towards successful growth, strong potential, and competitiveness in business through continuous development

In 1991, Vandapac stepped into the automotive accessories business to be a leader of manufacturing, distributing, inventing, researching, and developing pick-up bedliner and car accessories products under the trademark "MAXLINER ™" Maxliner Is a product that meets consumer’s requirements exactly.

The main point that distinguishes our company is that we care and choose quality materials. We select ABS, a strong material that is the environmently friendly and produced by modern technology to provide products and services for better improving the society. Moreover, we are raising the pick-up standards to provide more beautiful, durable and integrated products for part of consumer’s daily life. Maxliner is one of the most popular products in the Thai market.

Presently, we are full determination to sustainable growth in the digital age and have established overseas branches in leading countries around the world. This enables us to quickly accommodate and attend to customer’s needs efficiently this increasing satisfaction for major automakers and customers around the world.

In 2003, we entered into the insulation business under the brand "MAXFLEX". Maxflex has focused on creating modern manufacturing processes that meet international standards and combines continuous development to keep up with customer’s need and is suitable for the environment. Our goal is to deliver the perfect products for our customers.

MAXFLEX can protect heat up to 125°C, tested with international standards and certified high efficiency in fire protection standards, Fungi free, environment friendly, and energy saving ensuring the safety for the our users health. Therefore, Maxflex has been recognized and selected to be used in the country's leading industry.

Leadership chapter is one of the important reasons for being dynamic and choosing the best products for our customers and the environment.

At present, Vandapac Company Limited is committed to continuously research and develop innovative products what offer quality under the international standards ISO 9002, ISO 9001, ISO / TS16949, ISO / 14001, FSSC22000, HACCP and GMP. We support both offline and online platforms that cover all aspects of daily life in order to be the preferred brand in customer’s mind. We focus on procuring proper resources for Vandapac’s products which are friendly to you and the environment.

Vandapac has enhanced its competitiveness at the forefront of the industry under the leadership of our chairman, Mr. Varawong Tangitvet, with a vision to focus on management transparency, our chairman adheres to the principles of good governance, ethical social trends, and the emphasis on preserving the environment, leading the organizations into the digital age.

The current success of Vandapac is based on our teamwork, creative brainstorming, problem solving much like a perfect "jigsaw puzzle". Vandapac’s foundation was created through the cooperation of its people. We believe in and adhere to our core values.


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