Maxflex ® ST insulation clad with aluminium foil / laminated to plastic sheet

  • Excellent mechanical resistance
  • excellent UV resistance
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • highly impermeable to gases and moisture
AL Clad E Adhesive Tape
Length : 25 m.
Width : 20, 30, 50, 75, 100 mm.
The system multilayers that includes the insulation in elastomeric EPDM material, Maxflex ® ST and a jacketing in laminated aluminum, backed by plastic sheet and with UV protection film.

Maxflex ® Al Clad E available in both tube and sheet form. In addition to the well known performance of Maxflex ® ST, grant a very elegant shining aluminum look and a strong mechanical protection. The result is a product of high quality, energy saving, long lasting protection, condensation control, mechanical protection, highly puncture and tear resistance, fire resistance, vapour barrier and water tightness.

Maxflex ®Al Clad E is prosed for outdoor and indoor installation and is proposed in various solutions.
  • Tubes with self adhesive overlap
  • Curves and T junctions preformed to be installed directly
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