MAXFLEX GLUE is a specially formulated Neoprene Contact Adhesive for bonding Maxflex closed cell elastomeric thermal insulating materials firmly together. The high water vapor resistance property of MAXFLEX GLUE can prevent moisture or water from penetrating through the joining points. MAXFLEX GLUE also serves as an excellent adhesive when being used at high temperature, the bonding strength of MAXFLEX GLUE will aggressively increased after application through seft cross-linking of its acrylic polymer.

Also serves as an ideal glue when using with other dry and clean materials, like metals (either painted or unpainted), rigid foam sheets, cork boards, leather, plastic sheets, formica and melamines, etc.


  1. The joining surfaces of materials should be clean, dry and free from dust, dirt, grease or oil.
  2. Stir thoroughly before use. Apply MAXFLEX GLUE by using a short hair brush, coat only a thin and even layer of adhesive onto both joining surfaces.
  3. Allow the solvents to evaporate (normally take 2 to 15 minutes), until the adhesive becomes tacky and dry to the touch, then press the joining surfaces firmly together. As for MAXFLEX insulating tubes or sheets, bonding is possible within 1 or 2 minutes after application.


Appearance Black viscous liquid
Total Solids 22 ± 2%
Viscosity at 25°c 3,500 - 4,500
Specific Gravity at25°c 0.88 - 0.90
Coverage Approx. 130 – 180 ft2 / gallon or 3-4.5 M2 / litre
Open-Time 5 - 10 minutes. close cover tightly after use.

Storage and Shelf Life

Recommended storage temperature range from +5°c to + 35°c, MAXFLEX GLUE can be kept for at least six months in well sealed containers.

Health and Safety

Advisable to work in well ventilation areas and try to avoid direct inhalation of the vapor from solvents. Keep away from fire and reach of children. The solvents contained in MAXFLEX GLUE are flammable and subjected to legislation regulating their storage and use. When dried, the material is a self-extinguishing adhesive.
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