MAXFLEX TAPE is made from EPDM insulating foam sheet and specially coated with selected acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive to ensure good tacking strength and long service life. It is closed cell, light weight, having stable and low thermal conductivity value which serves the insulating purpose in retarding heat loss, heat gain and condensation protection. MAXFLEX TAPE is made from the same elastomeric material as MAXFLEX. It is ideal for ease and quick installation. Just simply wrap onto the hot or cold pipes, or pipe fittings. The tape will adhere firmly to all metals without delamination problem.


In roll shrink-wrapped, 10 rolls per cartin, standard sizes available
  • 1/8" thick x 2" width x 30ft long (3mm x 50mm x 9.1M) ± 3%
  • 1/4" thick x 2" width x 15ft long (6mm x 50mm x 4.5M) ± 3%
  • 3mm thick x 50mm width x 15M long ± 3%
  • 6mm thick x 50mm width x 7.5M long ± 3%
(other sizes are also available upon request)


Thermal Conductivity 0.26 hr. °F at 75 °F (0.04 W/mK at 24°C),
ASTM C-177
Water Absorption Less than 5% by weight, ASTM D-1056.
Water Vapor Permeability 0.12 perm-inch, ASTM C-355.
Service Temperature -20°F (-29°C) to + 200°F (+93°C)
Density 5 ± 1 lb/Cu.ft (60-100 kg/Cu.M), ASTM D-1667
Material Closed cell elastomeric thermal insulation. Same material as MAXFLEX insulation tubes and sheets.
Color/Adhesive Black. Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive solvent base.

Thickness Recommendation to Prevent Condensation
Ambient Temperature &
Relative humidity
Pipe Temperature
50 °F (+10°C) 35 °F (+2°C)
+80 °F (+27°C) & 50%RH Single Layer 50% Overlapping
+87 °F (+30°C) & 70%RH 50% Overlapping, plus another layer on top 50% Overlapping, plus another 50% overlapping
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